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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about my proprietary wedding photography checklist. You're going to be so glad you found this page!


Earlier this year I finally gave in and decided to start offering my wedding photography checklist to the public. The response was beyond any expectation I had which prompted me to enhance my already popular MS Word checklist with a full resolution illustrated PDF ebook featuring a photograph for each photo opportunity found in the checklist.


More than 20 years in the making, the list on its own is beyond value. Add to this checklist a 135 page full color ebook titled "Weddings Illustrated" and you have a winning combination that completely eleminates the guessing game.


We all know a wedding is the second most stressful moment in a person's life, birth tops the stress list. With that in mind, Wedding Photography certainly ranks high on the list of "must have" since so much is focused around resulting photographs.


Hire an expensive photographer with a great portfolio and you're all set, right?


Wrong! The truth of the matter is the photographs you see in most high end photographers' portfolio are often a result of hours of editing and post-production.


You should expect your raw photographs will look nothing like portfolio quality photographs. But as long as your KEY moments were indeed captured digitally, each photograph can be edited to meet or surpass magazine quality shots.


The critical element of every wedding photography gig has to be to "get the shots" so they can be beautified later, if at all.




The fact is over 95% of wedding photography is based on knowledge, not at all talent. Even with mediocre equipment, if you know exactly where and when to photograph what subject, you're 95% of the way home! The question should not be "how" to maximize your chances at getting those critical shots which can never be reproduced. the question is "how much does such knowledge?"


It's Priceless!


The wedding photography business used to be controlled by wealthy individuals who could afford expensive film cameras and photo developing equipment. Thanks to the digital revolution and photo labs popping up in department stores all over the country, old school photographers have been forced to share the wealth.


The truth about wedding photography in this new digital era is this: Anyone with an ounce of skill, proper training and a basic camera can be a successful wedding photographer.  


For over 20 years I have worked as a wedding photographer. I call it work but realistically, it doesn't feel like work. For me, wedding photography feels like a blessing. The joy, happiness and memories I witness and am able to produce is beyond measure. the fact I get paid to do this baffles my mind since I enjoy wedding photography so much, I would do it for free!


Over the years I trained countless wedding photographers. While a few student had talent, most were completely without skill when they got started. You would be surprised at the creative mediocrity displayed by my students before they started to use my proprietary wedding photography checklist. Today, thanks to a list I believe to be the world's most comprehensive wedding photographer checklist, most of them are successful wedding photographers.




Woman on Laptop Looking at Daniel St.Pierre's Exclusive Wedding Photography ChecklistI have created the ultimate wedding photography checklist for you to review and use at your own wedding. You could, of course hire a complete stranger, pay an enormous amount of money and PRAY TO ALMIGHTY GOD that he or she captures each key moment of your special day.


Then again why take the chance? When it comes to wedding photography, you already know a little planning goes a long way!


Imagine browsing through a detailed, chronological list of over 130 must have photographs, plus as an added bonus, see each high resolution photograph in my eBook titled "Weddings Illustrated." a collection of photographs which perfectly match your editable checklist. You get both with your paid order, Instantly!


Within minutes you could be enriched with wedding photography insight known only to top wedding photographers... Until Now! Order my proprietary wedding photography checklist today and you will possess the tools you need to eliminate the chance you will be missing critical photographs at your wedding.



Dan I can't believe how detailed this list is. I am floored how many photos are on this list that I never even thought about. Thanks to you I now have faith my wedding photos will be as good as those on your site..


Anna G. - Dana Point CA


"This list is the most incredible, detail oriented list of photographs I seen since starting my wedding planning over two years ago. Thank you so much Daniel."

Susan M. - Cornwall UK

"I never imagined why I needed more than 100 wedding photos until I reviewed your checklist. FYI my fiancee ordered your list, printed it our and put it in my briefcase. When I first saw it yesterday I thought little of it, then during my lunch I looked at it and was absolutely blown away by the reality check. Well done! This photography checklist is AWESOME! How did you come up with all these individual shots?"

Jack H. - Celebration FL

"You have got to be kidding!!! How do you get all these shots during such wedding chaos? I innocently thought shots came together without a plan oh foolish me! This list bring my day into reality and Maggie my wedding coordinator is also thankful for the wedding photographer check list so she can print it out and focus on a timeline to match the list."

Brenda L. - Tucson AZ



That’s right. Your bonus eBook features the most popular photographs in my portfolio. An award winning professional photographer since 1995, I like to think my work speaks for itself. I believe the photo opportunities I have been blessed with over the past 25 years were trusted onto me by God Himself. It is my hope you will enjoy "Weddings Illustrated" as a token of my appreciation for your business.


Are you curious to find out what the greatest part of this wedding photographer checklist is?




No other wedding photography checklist in the world can compare to this one. Each photograph's composition is the result of over 25 years experience serving clients in the United-States, Canada, Europe and Africa.


If this list sold for $150.00, it would be priced well short of its value according to previous customers. At $100.00 this exclusive wedding photography checklist list and Bonus eBook would be priced low enough to be used by almost every bride or photographer in the world. At $50.00 this comprehensive checklist would cost less than dinner & a movie...




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Daniel St.Pierre

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